Accessibility Plan

 Click a link below to access either the Word or PDF version of the Township’s  Accessibility Plan If you have any comments or suggestions on the Plan, or on accessibility in the Township, please do not hesitate to contact us.   

Multi-Year Accessibility Plan-2021Township of Morley Accessibility Plan 2021-2025 (Word format)
Multi-Year Accessibility Plan-2021(pdf format)

Accessibility Standards for Customer Service

Accessibility Policies

The Township of Morley has updated its Accessibility Policy as required under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). The Township will provide documents in alternate format when requested. To request a document in an alternate format, please contact the Township Office at (807) 483-5455 or by email at

The Township welcomes feedback on our Accessibility Policy and services, as well as to ensure our municipal locations and services are accessible to everyone.  Feedback is accepted in multiple formats, including by phone, email or mail, in person (subject to COVID-19 protocols) or by completing the feedback form below. If you require the form in a different format, please contact the Township of Morley Municipal Office.  

Please print off the Accessible Customer Service Feedback Form fill it out and drop it off at the Township of Morley Municipal Office, or mail or email it to us to let us know how we have done!   A copy of the form can also be obtained directly from the Township of Morley Municipal Office – just call or email us to obtain a copy.

Integrated Accessibility Standards Policy 2021

Individual Accommodation Policy 2021

Accessible Customer Service Policy 2021

Summary of Primary Steps taken to address Barriers:


  • Training of staff and members of Council, as well as appointed volunteers including members of the Morley Volunteer Fire Department.
  • The Accessible Customer Service Policy (link above) outlines the use of service animals and support persons (both of which are welcome on municipal premises), and is available upon request and commits to giving notice of temporary service disruption.  
  • The Township will provide notice of temporary disruption of service, the reason for the disruption, its anticipated duration and a description of alternative facilities or services that are available, if any.
  • Accessibility is taken into consideration with regard to all capital projects, both new ones and upgrades of existing capital assets.  For example, accessibility and walkability are primary reasons that 5/8ths granular is used for asphalt emulsion road surfacing, and not 7/8ths which creates a rougher surface.
  • Dealings with office staff may be done by phone, email or (subject to COVID-19 protocols) in person.
  • Payment remittances to the Township, whether for taxes, permit fees, etc., are accepted in cash, by cheque or electronically.
  • Burn permits for the calendar year are available online at  If you require assistance, give Teresa or Patti a call at the Township Office for assistance.  At this time, this is no charge for burn permits. For business or agricultural permits, a burn plan approved by the Fire Chief is required.
  • Suggestions for improvement are always welcome!  We appreciate your feedback.
  • If you have questions, contact the Township Office.


  • Staff and Council members have or are in the process of undertaking accessibility training.
  • Accessibility issues are to be considered and addressed when building renovations occur.
  • Accessibility is taken into consideration in capital improvements.



  • Electronic participation in public meetings commenced in April, 2020, first as part of pandemic response, then on an ongoing basis as permitted by amendments to the Municipal Act, 2001.
  • Update of the Township website, with a specific purpose of ensuring that it is accessible, commenced in fall.  Same was completed by year end.


  • The Township website update was completed with updates in 2021, and all information posted is in accessible format.
  • Electronic participation in public meetings will continue as a permanent attendance option at public meetings going forward, first as part of pandemic response, then on an ongoing basis as permitted by amendments to the Municipal Act, 2001.  Virtual attendance is available to the public in addition to members of Council and staff, subject to MFIPPA and portions of meetings which are permitted to be closed under Section 239(2) of the Municipal Act, 2001, and subject to electronic security protocols in place for joining a meeting.
  • Accessibility is taken into consideration during the planning stages of all Township projects, including those relating to grounds improvements.
  • Payment options have been enhanced to allow property owners and other persons to submit electronic payments.


Online Accessibility Training:

Accessibility training can be accessed here at no cost:   At the end of the training session, complete, print out and sign the certificate the site generates.

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